Monday, March 23, 2015

Local SEO Consultant: Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Many a professional SEO consultant notes that back in 2013, Google had started penalizing broken mobile sites in a bid to address usability problems for smartphone users. Google experts Yoshikiyo Kato and Pierre Far even mentioned that they plan to implement several ranking changes in the future for misconfigured sites that impede optimal mobile browsing experiences. Previously, notifications were merely centered on usability issues, but today, it involves mobile ranking. How does this work? As per Practical E-Commerce, the algorithm that Google’s about to launch will be applied on a page by page and real-time basis. This means the unfriendly quality of some of your sections does not cause your whole site to be labeled as unfriendly. Real time means that no matter what updates you make to your site, mobile-friendly or not, you can see results right away.

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