Saturday, March 28, 2015

Social Media Optimization Company Forms a New Division for Law Firms

California-based social media optimization company 5 Star Brand forms a new dedicated division specifically to manage all the internet marketing needs of law firm clients. This new department will oversee each law firm’s online presence, traffic generation, and lead conversion. Karen Taylor Roane, owner of New Destiny Marketing, LLC, will spearhead the division and all of its functions. Karen Taylor Roane is the founder of New Destiny Marketing, LLC, which offers marketing and PR solutions in the United States. She specializes in helping clients communicate with their customers and optimizing business profiles across multiple social media networks. She has received prestigious awards like the Philadelphia YMCA Business Woman of the Year and the FBLA Business Person of the Year.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Digital Marketing Agency Helps Improve the Online Presence of Lawyers

Our digital marketing agency, 5 Star Brand, helps increase the online presence of lawyers and law firms. Our services are designed to increase visibility and attract new clients for law practices. We offer a start-finish marketing system that includes web presence optimization and design, lead conversion and nurturing, and traffic generation. The Internet has long since changed the way businesses around the world operate, making the arena more competitive than ever. 5 Star Brand is dedicated to helping clients, especially lawyers, effectively reach their respective markets through utilizing various tactics that would make them stand out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get Free Web Analysis and Create a Sales Funnel for Your Law Firm

A sales funnel allows you to target, track and measure sales. It shows you how many prospects you have in each stage of the sales cycle and identifies your conversion rates for each stage—making it an important tool for profit. Other businesses want to build their own marketing sales funnel as this strategy truly works. You should, too. With 5 Star Brand’s “Spring into Action” special for law firms, you can form your sales funnel using our services as a basis. From March 17 until April 19, 2015, we’re offering web analysis (using our VIP tools), online presence study, and consultation—all free of charge! The results of these will help in your sales funnel creation.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Local SEO Consultant: Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Many a professional SEO consultant notes that back in 2013, Google had started penalizing broken mobile sites in a bid to address usability problems for smartphone users. Google experts Yoshikiyo Kato and Pierre Far even mentioned that they plan to implement several ranking changes in the future for misconfigured sites that impede optimal mobile browsing experiences. Previously, notifications were merely centered on usability issues, but today, it involves mobile ranking. How does this work? As per Practical E-Commerce, the algorithm that Google’s about to launch will be applied on a page by page and real-time basis. This means the unfriendly quality of some of your sections does not cause your whole site to be labeled as unfriendly. Real time means that no matter what updates you make to your site, mobile-friendly or not, you can see results right away.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Run Up on Keyword Research Basics before Working with an SEO Agency

Before you get down to business with an experienced SEO consultant from a firm such as 5 Star Brand, you’re likely to face a widely asked question: “Do you have your target keywords ready?” Don’t be surprised if you get asked this, as it’s technically the first point of order anywhere in the SEO landscape. There are many reasons for this. For one, keyword research is the foundation of SEO success. Every time someone looks something up on the web, the search engine must decide which results to display from literally millions of possible pages. Then, the engine’s algorithms go to work determining the best and most relevant matches available. This is where the right keywords play a central role in the mix-and-match game.